Welcome to whistlerspeedfling your home in Canada for backcountry access to some of the worlds finest mountains.We well be providing a safe and fun way of getting you into the backcountry of the beautiful coast mountains of British Columbia,Canada.Being situated in the coast mountains we get heaps of nice stable snow from december to aprill.If you come to us as an experienced skier and flyer you will get your most bang for your buck,if your messing around and can’t get your shit together we don’t care,it’s your money,but if you’ve got it together its going to be to good to be true! NO BULLSHIT please,I don’t want to hear how sick you are and get out there ready for fun and then have to babysit all day,I want to have fun too! As long as the snow is stable we can fly most days(everyday is not the best day) and the lines are soo good you won’t want to leave! If your sick of being told you can’t speedfly on whistler/blackcomb or your local mountain contact us and we will fly all of the better mountains around the valley.With our line of high performance snowmobiles there is no where in these mountains that we can’t get to.(we even get to the heli sking spots before they do hahaha).We will also be happy to be offering cheap lodging in the valley which just doesn’t happen in Whistler.

Stay tuned we are building a proper site as you read this.

 Any questions please email whiskeydrinkineskimo@yahoo.ca